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Sep 18


Klix Goes Live On

2022 @ 9AM EST

Affiliate Tools

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What is Klix?

Klix Is an app + training that will show your customers how Jono and Andy makes thousands of dollars selling high-ticket products 

Basically, It’s a complete affiliate marketing training

Building a list, creating a product, selling the product, and how to sell high-ticket items 

They will also get 

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Here’s What You’ll Discover When You

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  • How We Made $83,345.13 In In The Past Week Alone... Doing NOTHING
  • The Biggest Mistake You’re Likely Making With Building your business. And How Avoiding It Can Make You A Fortune
  • Andy’s EXACT Step-By-Step Method For Exploiting insider info to make free money in few hours…
  • The Key To Making This Work In Just 30-60 Seconds…
  • ​The Secret To Replicate Our Entire Business In Just Clicks
  • ​The RIGHT And Wrong Way To Scale Your Business
  • ​How You Can Make The Klix Strategy Work On A Mobile Phone…
  • ​Why It’s Possible For Us To Get More Commissions WITHOUT Buying Or Selling…

Klix - Proven & Tested Funnel

(100% Commissions On FE, 50% On OTOs)


Front End -


PRICE: $12.97

Full training + App that will allow you to replicate Jono's and Andy's business in just few clicks... You will learn how they're making thousands each day WITHOUT doing any work... 

Into $300+ payday


+ PRODUCT BUMP - Private VIP Group Access: $7.97 

Private access to our VIP group, where you will get exclusive support and guidance from Andy, the creator of DotCoin.

You Have A Chance To Win


Worth Of JV Prizes

Main $3,000 Contest - 5 Days


Sep 18th @ 9am EST


Sep 23rd @ 11:59pm EST

Speed $1,000 Contest - 24 Hours


Sept 18th @ 09:00 AM EST


Sept 19th @  11:59 PM EST

Closing $1,000 Contest - 48 Hours



Sept 23rd at 11:59 PM EST

Sept 21st at 09:00 AM EST

*Please Note: In Order To Be Eligible For The Prize Money, Your Total Revenue Must Match Your Prize Amount. If Not, Your Winnings Will Be Reduced To Your Total Revenue.


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